Water Filter Tree WD28X10128 Dishwasher Basket, Baby Bottle Rack (19.7"x3.8"x8.4"), Air Drying Dishes, Dishwasher Installation, Replacement Part for 1088673, Fits Standard Dishwasher Models

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Dishwasher Basket Size: 19.7 x 3.8 x 8.4 inches.Color:Grey

The Water Filter Tree WD28X10128 Dishwasher Rack allows you to get things done, with much more time to spare!

It's the one dishwasher basket that is multifunctional. So that means, get to use it as a baby bottle rack, or a dishwasher installation because it works like a charm. Use it for different items in the kitchen, such as utensils, kitchen tools, wares, silicone mitts, and trivets!

The secret lies in the open-grid design, that lets water drip off the openings, which makes for expedient air drying. The different sized holes allow water and heat to more effectively come into contact with cutlery to ensure efficient washing and drying. This prevents bacteria from festering, and keeping your tools clean, fresh, and protected from possible contaminants, bacteria, and particulate matter.

Easy access and storage are made possible with it in tow. Keep all your favorite items in its five compartments, place them on the countertop to let all your wares dry after washing.

It's also great to use as a holder for cutlery, so put it on your countertop as it only measures 19.7 x 3.8 x 8.4. To organize all your kitchen tools with ease, while maximizing precious space!

Further, you no longer have to worry about compatibility as this dishwasher basket rack fits most standard dishwasher unit brands and models in the market today.

For home improvement tools and accessories you can trust, choose from Water Filter Tree!

Package Includes:

  • 1 x WD28X10128 Dishwasher Cutlery Basket (19.7"x3.8"x8.4")


  • MULTI-USE - Be it as a dishwasher basket for baby bottle parts, or a washer basket washer for utensils, this one works like a charm. It's the one replacement dishwasher basket that lets you do multiple things at once, so you get to do more with so much less.
  • OPEN GRID DESIGN - This utensil dishwasher basket has an open grid design, that allows water to drip off of the openings. Also, this bottle rack dishwasher keeps your dishes clean and fresh, while preventing bacteria to fester.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of high-quality construction, this replacement dishwasher basket rack is great for storage of utensils, wares, and kitchen tools. It can also be used as a sippy cup or baby bottle dishwasher, The high-construction polypropylene material is durable and fit to withstand multiple cycles.
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - Install it with convenience to your dishwasher lining, and start washing and cleaning right away. Good to put your silverware, kitchen tools, dish covers, trivets, and silicone mitts in to keep them clean and dry!
  • WARRANTY - This high-quality dishwasher rack is quality-tested and made with premium materials, which is a seal to ultimate safety. Backed by the Water Filter Tree 1-year warranty.
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