Water Filter Tree LG LT120F Replacement Refrigerator Air Filter, Pack of 4

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INSTANTLY ELIMINATES ODORS - The 4-Pack Filter Deity LG LT120F Refrigerator Air Filter OEM Replacement goes to work immediately in keeping your food's tastes and smells separated, helping make your investments last longer!
Keep your refrigerator clean and fresh, with the Filter Diety 4 Air Filter Replacements Pack today! Keep your refrigerator smelling clean, and ultra-fresh, with our refrigerator air filter replacement. Water Filter Tree ensures that we create top-notch fridge and freezer air filter units that are quality-tested, and exceed industry standards. The air filter effectively removes contaminants, bacteria, and particles, leaving your refrigerator with a clean bill of health. Convenient to install, all it takes is a good three to five seconds to latch the new air filter in place. Just make sure it's securely fastened to the air filter cover. It takes minimal effort, and time to do, and in turn, keeps your refrigerator fresh for the long-term. This Refrigerator Air Filter is compatible with the following models: LFCS25663 LFXS24623B LMXS27626S LFCS31626S LFXS24623D LMXS27676D LFX25991ST LFXS24623S LMXS27766S LFX25992ST LFXS24623W LMXS30746S LFX28968D LFXS24663S LMXS30756S LFX28968SB LFXS27466S LMXS30776D LFX28968ST LFXS27566S LMXS30776S LFX28968SW LFXS29626B LMXS30786S LFX29927SB LFXS29626S LMXS30796D LFX29927ST LFXS29626W LMXS30796S LFX29927SW LFXS29766S LNXC23726S LFX29927WB LFXS30726B LNXC23766D LFX29937ST LFXS30726S LNXS30866D LFX29945ST LFXS30726W LNXS30996D LFX31915ST LFXS30766D LPCS34886C LFX31925SB LFXS30766S LPXS30866D LFX31925ST LFXS30786S LPXS30866S LFX31925SW LFXS30796D LPXS30876D LFX31935ST LFXS30796S LPXS30886D LFX31945ST LFXS32726S LSC22991ST LFX31995ST LFXS32736D LSFD2491ST LFX32945ST LFXS32766S LSFD2591ST LFX33975ST LMX30995ST LSFXC2476D LFXC24726D LMX31985ST LSFXC2476S LFXC24726S LMXC23746D LSFXC2496D LFXC24766 LMXC23746S LSFXC2496S LFXC24766S LMXC23796D LUPXC2386N LFXC24796D LMXC23796S LUPXS3186N LFXC24796S LMXS27626D UPFXC2466S


  • FILTER AIR PURIFIER - A refrigerator air filter that removes particulate material from your refrigerator or freezer units. This replacement refrigerator filter actively eliminates bacteria, germs, odor-causing agents to ensure your food stays fresh and ready for consumption.
  • PREMIUM FILTER - Made of top-notch materials, this fresh refrigerator air filter material is made for the long term. It is recommended that you replace air filter every six months. Fits most refrigerator filter model parts in the market today.
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION - Breeze through the installation process, with one coherent movement. Just tilt your fridge filters cover to the right, unravel the former filter parts from the cover, and fasten the new one in place.
  • QUADRUPLE PACK - There's no need to worry when you have a reliable supply handy. With our 4 refrigerator replacement filter, get a 2-year supply worth of refrigerator air filters.
  • WATER FILTER TREE WARRANTY - Please check the description for supported models. This air filter for refrigerator has been quality tested and backed by the Water Filter Tree 1-year limited warranty.
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