Seacoast Meal Prep Takeout Container, Microwave And Freezer Safe with Clear Vented Lid, 1 Compartment 28 OZ Pack of 50

Bundle Quantity: 50

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Leading a healthy lifestyle while caught in today's hustle and bustle can be tough. Eat right and ensure healthy eating habits with the Seacoast Bento Lunch Box!

Bid fast food goodbye, with these bento boxes disposable lunch boxes, enjoy delicious yet nutritious meals prepped right in your kitchen! These portable containers let you easily pack your favorite snack or a filling meal to fuel you throughout the day.

Each food container with a lid is food-safe and BPA-free, you won't have to worry about strong chemicals seeping into your food. With these bento box disposable containers, the stain- and odor-resistant construction makes cleanup a breeze for convenient maintenance.

Durable and versatile, this multipurpose storage is perfect to help you follow through with a long-term meal plan. Each piece is guaranteed to last several uses. Use it for storing leftovers, proportioning ingredients, or packing takeout for guests!

Choose healthier food options and stay satisfied with homemade meals packed in the Seacoast Reusable Lunch Box!

Package Includes:

  • 50 x Single Compartment Bento Boxes (28-ounce capacity per container)

  • Specifications

  • CARDBOARD FOOD CONTAINERS NO MORE - The perfect companion to lead a healthy lifestyle, these lunch boxes let you pack nutritious meals and snacks. Its compact design makes it easy to carry to the office, gym, or school.
  • FRESH AND HOT IN MINUTES - These replace cardboard boxes for food easily! Microwave and freezer safe, these disposable food storage containers are safe to use in the warmer, have a full meal with convenience. With vented lids, to clean with ease.
  • 50 PIECE PACK - Includes 50 bento boxes with a deep compartment that can hold up to 28 ounces of food. A practical addition to any kitchen or pantry, each piece offers the right portion of food to keep you full and satisfied.
  • WASHABLE AND REUSABLE - These bento lunch box disposable containers have BPA-free construction that prevents strong chemicals from seeping into your food. Cleaning will be a breeze with each dishwasher-safe box.
  • VERSATILE FOOD PREPARATION - Use bento bands on these, and pack your lunch with ease. These food organizers seal in freshness and prevent leaks. Works as bento box restaurant style containers too. Air tight lids keep food fresh and ready to eat!
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