Seacoast - 18 Oz Glass Juice Bottles With Regular 18/10 Steel Caps (6, Designer)

Bundle Quantity: 6

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Through the looking glass, create possibilities.

These Seacoast Juice Bottles are elegant and timeless, thus easily use them as a decoration for your foyer, or living room seamlessly. Even get to pass it on from generation to generation, as it is also good for keepsakes and storage of heirlooms. Aside from this, have the pleasure of using it for juice, as beverage storage, iced coffee, or for plants to grow in water. Bring that spell-binding experience into your home with these multifunctional bottles that have all the qualities you look for. It also makes for a beautiful centerpiece for your coffee table, while you keep a couple of coffee grounds within them. These bottles also have a non-slip bottom and 18/10 steel caps that make for an air-tight fit. It's an overall easy, and smooth operation. With it, struggling to organize your home is a thing of the past, as it easily allows you to keep track of items, so you no longer lose the essentials.

Never a jarring activity

The pack comes with 6 clear bottles with 18/10 steel caps because you get both quantity and quality. Each bottle carries 18oz of capacity, which allows you to store different sized items. Be it marbles for the kids to play with, potpourri to impress the guests, or spices to prepare your favorite dishes, do it with convenience. Allow these transparent bottles to tell your story. Whether it's to keep small insects or to create a mini terrarium, put your creativity and skills to the test while enjoying an activity at home while quarantining.

Thick, quality, and highly durable, these brewing glass bottles offer optimum resistance to impact and temperature changes, making them suitable for lots of use and reuse.

So that means it's portable and good for traveling. We put emphasis on quality-tested, safe, and durable goods that actually work because we put a premium on our products. So bring along our Seacoast Juice Bottles with you on the road, with peace of mind. Collect precious memorabilia on your journey with it today.


  • BEST QUALITY GLASS BOTTLES - 6-pc glass bottles best suited for iced coffee, juice, water, or even frozen smoothies. These thick, durable, bottles resist sudden changes in temperature. So, more cause for you to enjoy no matter the season!
  • PERFECT FOR DRINKING AND STORAGE - 1 Inch mouth for easy filling, 2-inch slim diameter - 9-Inch height, designed to take up little space in your refrigerator or cabinet.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL CHOSEN FOR LONGEVITY - Made with thick, tempered, glass that won't break easily. CAP is 18/10 stainless steel to prevent corrosion and rust, with a silicone gasket to create an airtight seal
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Glass bottle is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean we recommend for the cap to be hand-washed, and air-dried.
  • FULL SEACOAST WARRANTY - We want to make sure that our customers are satisfied, we, therefore, offer a full warranty for this item! This makes your purchase absolutely risk-free! Get more value out of your purchase when you purchase with Seacoast today.
  • They are easy and convenient for travel and fits nicely in a standard size cup holder in your car.
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