Excelsior Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Eco Bottle, Softener & Organic For Sensitive Clothes, Natural Scent Cleaner, Biodegradable Enzyme Formula, 3 Liter, (Dual Pack)

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An All-in-One Cleaning solution for all your Laundry woes, introducing the Excelsior HE Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Eco Bottle!

This all in one detergent and stain remover cleanses, whitens, brightens, and softens your laundry naturally without the need to purchase additional laundry supplies. It's an organic laundry detergent that is free and clear. It's also gentle on sensitive skin.

The enzymes-packed, biodegradable formula is made ideal for HE Washers but also works well with traditional washers. Use 15ml per load in HE washers, and 30ml for traditional washers. Further, it's a good alternative for color safe bleach, washer fluid, washing detergent, and more.

Unlike other detergent brands that require a huge amount of detergent to work well on your laundry, this Laundry Detergent by Excelsior makes a highly efficient use with just a small amount. All you need is one tablespoon of detergent and it's good to go. Having it 3L in volume, you can use it for up to 200 loads!

What's more, it comes with a laundry detergent container Eco Bottle so you can bring it with you when you travel. A highly effective liquid detergent in portions, or bulk wherever you go.

This product also uses natural and environmental-friendly enzymes that's made to be color-safe and gentle on clothes, leaving it spotless clean and bright without the use of harsh chemicals or bleach. These enzymes simply attack stains by breaking up stain-causing agents and protect clothing from discoloration. What's more, its packaging is made of recyclable materials, making it environmental-friendly too!

Excelsior offers an unsurpassed cleaning performance leaving your clothing sparkling clean! Your ultimate laundry booster and laundry sanitizer liquid buddy. Have a hassle-free, thorough cleaning experience of your clothes, With the Excelsior HE Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent with Eco Bottle today, anything is possible!


  • ALL IN ONE SOLUTION - Fill your laundry machine dispenser with this all natural detergent: deodorizing and sanitizing all at once. Whitener, brightener, fabric softener and anti-static agent in one, no need to get other products.
  • UNIVERSAL FORMULA - This laundry sanitizer, laundry detergent liquid, laundry scent booster and enzyme cleaner is best suited for your HE washers and traditional washers. Use 15 ml for the former and 30ml for the latter. It won't clog your plumbing!
  • GREAT VALUE - You no longer have to spend on laundry scent boosters, or laundry softener products separately. With this detergent, save resources when you eliminate the need to purchase multiple cleaning supplies.
  • HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FORMULA - With 3L in volume, use it up to 200 cycles! An Eco bottle is also included so, you can bring this effective liquid detergent in portions, wherever you go. Made with recyclable materials, so it's safe for the environment.
  • EXCELSIOR WARRANTY - Excelsior offers an unsurpassed cleaning performance leaving your laundry machines and clothing sparkling clean! Backed by the Excelsior 1 Year Limited Warranty.
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