Dryer Heating Element compatible with Samsung, Thermal Fuse and, Thermostat Dryer Repair Kit Replacement

Bundle Quantity: 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews Write a review


Compatible Dryer Heating Element DC47-00019A for Samsung, Thermal Fuse DC96-00887A and DC47-00016A, Thermostat DC47 00018A Dryer Repair Kit Replacement

The Appliance Pros Dryer Heating Element, Thermostat, Thermal Fuse, Insulators and Restring Coil Units (5400w 240v) bundle fixes the following issues:

  • When the dryer has a problem with heating element
  • When the dryer is spinning but gives off no heat
  • When the dryer's heat doesn't shut off
  • Works on most leading dryer brands and models. The thermostat has a limit of 260°F and a differential of 50 degrees. The heating element will cut out at 260°F degrees and cycle back on once the internal temperature drops by 50 degrees.

    The complete kit includes:

  • 1 x Heating Element
  • 1 x Thermal Fuse
  • 1 x Thermostat
  • 1 x Thermistor
  • Compatible with the following part numbers: 1CWED5100VQ1, 1CWED5200VQ0, 1CWED5200VQ1, 1CWED5300VW0, 1CWED5700VW0, 3DWED4800YQ0, 3DWED4900YW0, 3ZAED4475TQ0, 3ZMED5705TW0, 3ZMED5705TW1, 4GAED4900YW0, 4GAED4900YW1, 4GAED4900YW2, 4GMEDC100YQ0, 4GMEDC100YQ1, 4GMEDC100YQ2, 4GMEDC300YW0, 4GMEDC300YW1, 4GMEDC300YW2, 4GNED4400YQ0, 4GNED4400YQ2, 4GNED4600YQ0, 4GNED4600YQ1, 4GNED4600YQ, 11067732791, 11067732794, 11067832791, 11067832794, 11067834791, 11067834794, 11068202790, 11068202794, 11068322700, 11068332700, 11068402700, 11068402701, 11068422700, 11068432700, 11068442700, 11068522700, 11068532700, 11068622700, 11068632700, 11068652700, 11068702890, 11068712890, 11068712894, 11069101990, 11069101991, 11069202990, 11069422800, 11069422801, 11069432800, 11069432801, 11069522800, 11069532800, 11069622800, 11069632800, 11069652800, 11069812990, 110C61292011, 110C66652502, 1CWED5100VQ0, DV306LEW, DV306LEW/XAA, DV316BEC, DV316BEC/XAA, DV316BEW, DV316BEW/XAA, DV316LES, DV316LES/XAA, DV316LEW, DV316LEW/XAA, DV3C6BEW, DV3C6BEW/XAA, IGD7200TW10, MDE6700AYW, MDE6700AZW, MDE9700AYM, MDE9700AYW, MDE9700AZM, MDE9700AZW, MDG6700AWM, MDG6700AWW, MDG9700AWM, MDG9700AWW, NED7200TW10, NGD7200TW10, and YIED7200TW10.

    Quality tested and backed by the Appliance Pros' 1-year limited warranty.


  • SMOOTH AND PROPER FUNCTIONING - If your clothes dryer is not heating well, then there might be something wrong with your dryer's thermostat or dryer heating element. Say no more! This Non-OEM Quality Replacement Part for thermal fuse on clothes dryers is the excellent solution to your problem. A great, economical fix when your dryer has a problem with heating element, dryer is spinning but of no heat, or when heat doesn't shut off.
  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY - This High Limit Thermostat is a clothes dryer replacement part that works on most top Dryer brands and models. See compatibility with different part numbers in the description below.
  • SAVES TIME AND MONEY - Installation is made smooth and easy using this heating element replacement part from Appliance Pros. Lets you save time and money from having your dryer fixed, sparing you from buying a new one.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - This dryer thermostat has a limit of 260 degrees Fahrenheit and a differential of 50 degrees. The heating element will cut out at 260 degrees and cycle back on once the internal temperature drops by 50 degrees.
  • BACKED BY WARRANTY - This High Limit Heater Thermostat Replacement for Dryers has been quality tested and is backed by the Appliance Pros' 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews Write a review

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