Appliance Pros GE Refrigerator Water Valve Replacement For WR57X10032

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  • ULTIMATE WATER VALVE REPLACEMENT - This water inlet valve is the ultimate refrigerator part to solve symptoms you experience with your fridge. Be it, leaking, not producing solid ice, weak or sporadic water flow, this one has you covered.
  • THE SUM OF THE PARTS - We believe that the parts matter as much as the whole. This water valve replacement is crafted to work in conjunction with your refrigerator water pump dispenser, water line, and ice maker, for optimum performance.
  • POWER EFFICIENT - A water valve built with a two-coil assembly, this inlet valve replacement kit utilizes electric power efficiently. A double coiled water valve means you get twice the efficiency, with less electrical power consumed.
  • ENGINEERED PRECISION - Our water inlet valves are a precision fit to leading refrigerators, ice makers, and water dispensers in the market today. Planned down to the last measurement, to ensure a compression-fit for tubing and water lines.
  • APPLIANCE PROS WARRANTY - This water inlet valve replacement is a premium part that surpass world class standards. Quality-tested for a seal of ultimate safety, backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.

Get double the efficiency when you get thisAppliance Pros Double Solenoid Water Valve replacement part for your refrigerator. Solve issues with your refrigerator leaking, producing blocks of ice (large chunks of ice), weak or sporadic water flow, and more. Now, have the peace of mind that you have a well-oiled machine in the kitchen, because the individual parts that make up the whole, matter too. The double solenoid valve is not just convenient or suitable to use for your water line, water pump dispenser, or ice maker kit. Get to restore your refrigerator to it's optimal performance too! So as to eliminate the need to purchase a new refrigerator unit. Ultimately, saving you on costs and resources. Conduct an inexpensive and straightforward repair at the comfort of your own home.

This water inlet valve harness efficient electric power, it's consistent performance for heavy-duty use. Also, the valve has cutting-edge two dual lines, that allows for two integral connections: one for the ice maker kit, and the other for the water dispenser. It does not require any nuts, bolts, or screws for assembly. Just gently push in the water line, for a seamless, convenient installation process. Thus, experience less stress in kitchen when you have a full-functional machine.

This water inlet valve part replaces the following part numbers: WR57X33326 (AP6995571) replaces WR57X10032, WR32X10032, WR57X10040, WR57X10064.

This package includes:

  • 1 x Appliance Pros AP-WR57X10032120V Dual Solenoid Refrigerator Water Valve Replacement Part

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    This water inlet valve replacement is a premium part that surpass world class standards. Quality-tested for a seal of ultimate safety, backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.

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