Appliance Pros AP-242061001 Carbon-activated Air Purifier Filter Replacement, Refrigerator Air Filters Replacement for SCPUREAIR2PK 242047801, 242047804 241754002, Fridge Filter Replacement, (4 Pack)

Bundle Quantity: 4

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Pleated Design :Refrigerator air filter was designed with premium quality pleated paper, which will increase the surface area of the filter and consequently increase the effectiveness of the filter

Keep your refrigerator performance at optimum-level with the Appliance Pros AP-24206100 Carbon-activated Air Filter Refrigerator Air Filters Replacement!

Reduce the incidence of odor-causing germs, bacteria, with these carbon-activated filters today! Get a fresh waft of clean air from your refrigerator, when you install these today. Be it in a pack of four, or a pack of six, use these air filters to keep your fridge in top condition. While keeping your fruits, vegetables, meat, yogurt, chia seeds, canned fruits, jam, spread, cheese, and other food items fresh for consumption.

The magic is in the pleat design and premium crafted pleated paper. These have extra-fine pores that filter out particles, VOCs, and harmful agents that may cause contamination and bacteria build-up. The filter has a larger surface area, allowing for more efficient, carbon air filter absorption, efficacy, and longevity.

The Appliance Pros AP-242061001 Carbon-activated Air Filter includes:

  • Carbon-activated Air Filter (4 pack)
  • Compatible models with this product:

    SCPUREAIR2PK (AP4501915) replaces 1554867, AH2379819, EA2379819, PS2379819>

    This product is also compatible with the following refrigerator air filter models:

    242047801, 242047804 241754002

    Installation is made convenient and seamless, just with the replacement of the air filter to the air filter slot inner door. It does not require any tools and takes virtually no time at all to do. Simple install, but evidently a great lifestyle change. Not only will it prolong the life of your appliance, maintain the freshness of your goods. Further, the install is done in the comfort of your own home, saving you on time, energy, and resources.

    With these carbon activated-air filters, be one step ahead of the curve, and get to keep your appliance good as new and in top shape for the long-term. Do it with an Appliance Pros product today.


  • CARBON FILTER REFILLS - These carbon filter air purifier units come in a 4-pc pack, so you no longer have to worry about rummaging for a piece. The Appliance Pros Carbon-activated Air Filter Replacement pack has you covered.
  • ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER - Infused with activated carbon, these air filters do a more discriminating job of eliminating refrigerator odors, filtering out particles, germs, and contaminants to keep the fridge clean and fresh.
  • VERSATILE REPLACEMENT FILTER - It's the one air purifier with activated carbon air filter that exceeds the quality of the former part, proven time and again. A reliable carbon air filter, so keep your food items, groceries, and goods fresh, and lengthens their shelf life.
  • PLEATED DESIGN - Crafted with premium quality pleated paper, these replacement carbon filters make for better surface area coverage. Meaning, twice or thrice more the absorption power of this fridge air purifier to reduce, eliminate, and absorb microbes, bacteria, and harmful agents.
  • WARRANTY - Appliance Pros provide you with industry-leading, quality-tested parts, that surpass world-class standards. It's the seal to ultimate safety. These refrigerator carbon air filters are backed by the Appliance Pros 1-year limited warranty.
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