Appliance Pros AP4395481 Non Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Foil Duct Exhaust Vent Hose for 4396009RP Electric Dryer, Compatible with Major Dryer Brands

Bundle Quantity: 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review


The Appliance Pros AP-4395481 Flex Air Aluminum Dryer Vent Duct, can most certainly take the heat, no matter where it's situated. Keep your loved ones safe, with it installed. The only way to run the dryer within safety protocols is to use an aluminum duct with it. It's designed to distribute fumes and hot air from living spaces. It creates an airtight seal, for ultimate safety.

The three-layer wire helix features an aluminum foil coating that is high-density, flame retardant, and corrosion-resistant. Also designed to replace vinyl ducts. Flame resistant, so it's crafted to take the heat, no matter where it's situated. Versatile enough to work in a wide range of applications and settings, use it for grow room ventilation, grow tent, greenhouse, bathroom, kitchen, and primarily as a dryer vent attachment.

Enjoy smooth and easy installation, whether you're a contractor or a homeowner. Each kit includes 2 premium 4-inch worm hose clamps for a secure connection to the wall and rear of the dryer.

Other features:

Temperature endurance ranges from 0 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. (-18 Degrees to 85 Degrees Celsius) Duct measures 4 inches in diameter by 5 feet in length when fully extended

Part Number 4396009RP (AP4395481) replaces 1412444, 14211987, 4396009, 4396009R, 4396009RA, AH1817947, EA1817947, PS1817947

This Non-Insulated Flex Air Aluminum Ducting Replacement for Dryers has been quality tested and is backed by the Appliance Pros' 1-year limited warranty.


  • HEAVY-DUTY REPLACEMENT - A dryer vent tube that forms a tight seal to direct fumes and humidity safely away from living spaces. The 3-layer wire helix of this flexible hose pipe has an aluminum foil coating that is flame retardant, high density, and corrosion-resistant.
  • VERSATILE ATTACHMENT - The Appliance Pros 8ft dryer vent indoor insulated air ducting hose is a custom-fit to leading dryer brands. It's the one replacement aluminum flex duct vent for the kitchen, bathroom, greenhouse, grow room, grow tent, and laundry dryer vents indoor units.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - This custom-fit dryer aluminum insulated flexible foil duct is planned down to the last measurement, and fit to withstand temperatures between (-18°C to 85°C). Measures 4" dia x 8 ft when fully extended. Made with precise measurements, to suit your machine and dryer exhaust vent.
  • ULTIMATE EXHAUST PIPE - This flexible aluminum foil duct dryer vent wall connector fits the tightest crevices, corners, and bends. Maximize mobility while you install, as it is completely flexible. Also, have the ability to modify the part to suit the need.
  • APPLIANCE PROS WARRANTY - We put forward industry-leading flexible vent exhaust duct hose tubing, at a premium. All our parts are quality tested for a seal of ultimate safety. This insulated air duct pipe installation is backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

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