Appliance Pros AP-4395481 8ft Dryer Hose, Dryer Vent Connector, for Indoor and Outdoor Application (Wholesale Bulk 40-Pack)

Bundle Quantity: 40

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Ducting size: 4 inches (diameter) x 10 feet (length) when fully extended 3-Layer material: Designed for three layer: Aluminum Foil + PET + Aluminum Foil, Flame-retardant coating. Three layer makes it more durable and resistant to leaks, tears, and cuts.

Are you looking for a reliable, durable, and versatile dryer duct? Look no further, because theAppliance Pros AP-VENTKIT Aluminum Dryer Duct for Leading Dryer and Washing Machines, is your ideal pick. A dryer vent hose made with three-layer material. Made of a PVC outer layer, with aluminum foil material lining, and a PET and steel wire helix core. It's an overall durable part that's reliable, long-term. So that means, no kinking, bending, rips, or dents. Further, it's an overall easy-to-use product, just use a dryer vent cleaning kit to maintain.

This aluminum dryer vent box attachment hose is suitable for:

  • Tumble Dryer
  • Dryer Slim Vents
  • Natural Gas Dryer Machine
  • Steam Dryer Vent Kit
  • Kitchen Dryer
  • Deflector Dryer Vent
  • Indoor Airconditioning Units/HVAC Systems and more!
  • This Item should not be used for concealed walls or floors. Use the two hose clamps included to secure the ends to your machine of choice.

    The complete kit includes:

  • 1 x 15 ft air duct hose
  • This duct hose kit is built for heavy-duty use, and suitable for several different settings, be it to use for a greenhouse, tumbler dryer condenser box, or a dryer vent insert. It's the one kit you need to install your replacement hose part to your appliance in no time at all.

    So prolong the lifespan of your appliances with this vent dryer hose kit today, and you won't regret making this choice. It's versatile and safe, be it for commercial use, or the home. We put forward premium-made parts with world-class standards, for a seal of ultimate safety. Backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.


  • BEST DRYER VENT DUCT - Has a three-layer aluminum coating, with a wire helix core. Flame retardant, corrosion-resistant, and highly dense, it keeps fumes and humidity away from living spaces. It's a replacement dryer vent hose that's ultimately safe.
  • SPECIFICATIONS - Measures 4 inches in diameter by 15 ft. Find several uses for this non-insulated air duct. Each kit comes with two high-quality 4-inch worm hose clamps. Can withstand temperatures between (-18 Degrees Celsius to 85 Degrees Celsius).
  • EFFECTIVE AIR CIRCULATION - The one flexible dryer vent hose that effectively expels heat, moisture, and lint from your dryer. Fits portable air conditioning units, HVAC systems, kitchen, bathroom, grow room, grow tent, and laundry applications.
  • THREE LAYER MATERIAL - The first layer is of a PVC coating, with an inner aluminum foil lining and PET steel wire helix core. It's durable and consistent over time, with no rips, dents, or holes. Also, it cleans easily with a dryer duct cleaning kit.
  • APPLIANCE PROS WARRANTY - This dryer vent kit is quality tested, made with high-quality material that meets industry standards. A certified safe part that is backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.
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