Appliance Pros AP-8206232A Microwave Oven, Light Replacement Bulb 40w 125v Part for 8206232A and Major Brands and Models, 4-pack

Bundle Quantity: 1

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Experience luminosity at a glance with The Appliance Pros WB36X10003 Microwave Bulbs.

Get full luminosity at any angle, giving you the means to identify the freshness of heated fish, meat, poultry, bread, soup, or microwave meals. Imagine being able to identify subtle changes in color, texture, size, and shape of food staples. Our light bulb lets you detect the slight differences in quality, so get to decide when it's ready for consumption. Has a full light intensity, our bulbs remain power efficient, so your electric bills remain economical. It's the microwave light bulb that never flickers or wavers. Expect the utmost quality when you get one of our 40w microwave bulbs today. Further, get these bulbs in a 4-pc pack, have a bulb handy for any situation. A light bulb typically has a life span of 750-2,000 hours, we recommend bulb in this duration, so to maximize your microwave oven's power efficiency.

When the light in the microwave gives out, replace it with one of our bulbs. Simply twist the light bulb base into the cavity in the back of the oven to fasten securely. It only requires a Philips head screwdriver to unravel the screws from the light bulb door. It's a two to three-minute repair to do. Evidently, save on repair costs, and eliminate the need to get a new microwave.

The pack includes:

  • 4 x Appliance Pros WB36X10003 Microwave Light Bulbs
  • This replacement part is compatible with the following models:

    WB36X10003 (AP2029997) replaces 259682, 35156, 40S11N, 40S11N/1, AH247209, EA247209, PS247209, WB02X4235, WB02X4253, WB06X0015, WB2X4235, WB2X4253, WB36X0003, WB36X0821, WB36X0822, WB36X0898, WB36X0936, WB36X10306, WB36X3, WB36X821, WB36X822, WB36X898, WB36X936, WB6X15, WB6X15R.


  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - With 40w and 125v of raw power, achieve full efficiency. Have a light bulb moment: this microwave part for WB36X10003 consumes minimal electrical power. So light up the dark, with our super energy efficient bulbs today!
  • CONVENIENT INSTALL - It takes three minutes in total to install these light bulbs. Conveniently replace the light bulbs with one coherent movement: twist in place to your microwave socket. Check out our guide for straightforward instructions.
  • 4 PC LIGHT BULB REPLACEMENT - Our replacement light bulbs are planned down to the last detail so that means, it's suitable for leading microwave models and brands. Keep a reliable supply at hand, as a regular light bulb lasts between 750-2,000 hours.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MICROWAVE BULBS - Built to withstand heavy use, these premium light bulbs consist of high-quality materials. Meets industry standards for quality and safety. Further, these bulbs can sustain a high-performance level, in the long term.
  • BACKED BY WARRANTY - These 40w replacement microwave light bulbs consist of premium materials and quality tested, for a seal of ultimate safety. Backed by the Appliance Pros' 1-year limited warranty.
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