Appliance Pros 6 FT PEX Ice Maker Water Line Kit, Refrigerator Water Line Kit, Replaces Part WX08X10006. for Named Brands and Models, Molded Fittings

Bundle Quantity: 1

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nsure a reliable source of fresh, clean ice with a sturdy yet flexible hook-up line This products adds a great value

With the Appliance Pros Ice Maker Water Line Kit and Refrigerator Line AP-PEX-WATERLINE, get great tasting water, and ice for the family, within the long term.

It's not just an ordinary fridge hook, a freezer, and refrigerator water line that's consistent in performance, and reliability. This PEX tube will supply your refrigerator with water for drinking, and dispensing solid ice. Each precision-made fridge water line is a compression fit for leading brands and stand-alone freezer models. Also, it works great in conjunction with your fridge valve, and as a water line for supported fridge models. Our ice maker water line is made with flexible material, so to avoid bending, kinking, or tangling.

Also, it's convenient to install, just make use of a PEX compression tool, a water line wrench, and water line tubing. These feature push-to-connect fittings and connectors, to ensure that it's a seamless installation. To install, first, you must plan the water line path. Second, cut off the water supply to prevent leaking, or you'll experience a sudden burst of water flowing. Next, you must run the tubing. Then, connect the water line to the back of the supported refrigerator unit. Next, connect the water line to the supply valve. Then, you're through!

The complete kit includes:

  • 1 x Waterline 6 Foot Pex Line with Built-In Flares
  • This Fridge With Ice Maker Pex Water Line is compatible with the following parts:

    Part Number WX08X10006 (AP3421671) replaces WX08X10006G, TJ96PEX, IMKR6, WX08X10006B, WX08X10006RB, WX8X10006.

    For water lines with compression fit design, choose the Appliance Pros AP-PEX-WATERLINE Pex Refrigerator Water Line Kit! So now, home improvement is convenient, and saves you resources and costs. Prolong the lifespan of your appliance with it today!


  • BEST INLINE WATER FILTER TUBE - Connect to your ice maker machine, or use as a water filter supply line. It's a great refrigerator connection. It fits several named two-door, stand-alone, and top-bottom fridge models in the market today.
  • PREMIUM COMPRESSION TUBING - Achieve precise fitting with this fridge water line. No longer will you have to experience leaking, pooling, or water spillage. Get consistent results, even in critical applications. Say goodbye to loose hose connections.
  • CONVENIENT INSTALL - This refrigerator water line installation kit is all you need. With innovative tube fittings, just twist and push to attach. Gently push to secure connection to your fridge, make sure to use steady pressure to attach the line.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Made of polypropylene plastic, our ice maker hose kit is durable over time. So to ensure, that it stays in the fridge, for years to come. It's an overall reliable fridge water hose you can rely on.
  • APPLIANCE PROS WARRANTY - We put forward the best ice maker and ice machine parts in the market today. Our ice maker replacement parts exceed industry standards. Our quality certified parts are backed by the Appliance Pros 1 Year Limited Warranty.
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