Appliance Pros 1/2 I/D, 5/8 O/D Gas Stove Flexible Hose Gas Line, Braided Stainless Steel, Fit Most Range and Grill Models 1/2 MIP x 3/4 FIP, 60 inch

Bundle Quantity: 1

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Manufactured in China Easy to use Highly durable

With the Appliance Pros AP-GASCONNECTOR Gas Stove Flexible Gas Line, go beyond your physical limitations.

It's not just a propane flex line, it's leverage to connect to a multitude of different applications. Be it to use as a gas line for a dryer, a heater, a furnace, or oven, it's the one connector you need.

The stainless steel body has unique fittings, measuring 1/2 I/D, 5/8 O/D to achieve compression fit, for critical settings. Further, it's better than copper tubing for propane gas.  This gas line has a 60-inch body that allows you to breeze through installation, even in tightly knit spaces. A gas flex pipe that's convenient to use, as it is rust, kink, crack, and corrosion-resistant. This gas flex connection kit has all you need to conduct your standard installation.

This gas flex line fixes the following symptoms:

  • Loose fitting propane connectors
  • Gas leakage
  • General propane hose wear and tear
  • Deformation on the hose surface.
  • What's more, get to maximize the use of this gas flex hose for the long term. Typical propane gas lines last up to 20 years depending on care and usage.

    The package includes:

  • 1 x Gas Pipe Connector with compression fittings
  • The Appliance Pros Appliance Gas Hose is quality tested and backed by an Appliance Pros' 1 Year Warranty.


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