Seacoast Stainless Steel Replacement Lids and Bands for 16 Oz Mason Jar, Set of 12 Lids and Bands ONLY (Regular Mouth) - JARS NOT INCLUDED


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For great tasting food items, and ingredients kept at the pinnacle of freshness, the Seacoast Canning Lids for Regular Mouth Mason Jars seals the deal. Be it for making use of these lids for big mason jar (please make sure to measure before use), or for canning, these regular mouth jar lids are safe to use, no matter the ocassion!

Thus, these mason canning jars with lids are great to use as:
  • Canning bands regular mouth
  • Canning flats regular mouth
  • Canning lids regular mouth bulk
  • Jar lids regular mouth
  • Canning jar lids regular mouth
  • Also great for use as:
  • jar lids
  • canning jar lids
  • mason jar lids
  • canning lids regular mouth
  • regular mouth mason jar lids
  • jar lids regular mouth
  • canning flats regular mouth
  • pint canning lids
  • pint jar lids
  • jelly jar lids
  • quart jar lids
  • canning lids
  • These large mouth canning lids make for airtight seals, however convenient to use. Use It's great to use for a rather large supply of regular mouth jars. Simply because, well, you'll always have one to spare when one goes missing. These jar seals are great for canning, specially for fermenting, steeping, and preserving food items. These jar seals for canning lets you keep your kitchen, and office supplies organized, so you don't lose track of the essentials.


  • ULTRA DURABLE SILVER LIDS AND BANDS - Each mason canning lids is fine tuned with embossed threads on the inside of the jar seals. and fastens in place to secure. It won't bend or warp over time, as it makes use tinplate.
  • ANTI CORROSION PROPERTIES - The canning jars lids will not rust, corrode, or succumb to the elements over time. The mason jar covers feature lids and bands for canning jars and flats that resist rust so that it does not adhere to other wares in the kitchen, keeping your loved ones safe. No toxic chemicals.
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS - These canning lids and rings and jars are made suitable to fit large mason jars with regular mouth openings. Please make sure to measure your mason jars, to ensure compatibility. These canning jar rings and seals makes for airtight closure to preserve freshness.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - This set of lids and bands for canning jars is great to use for sealing mason canning jar lids regular mouths to store spices, candy, biscuits, fruit, jams, soft drinks, tea, coffee, nails, and more. A versatile product: also use it for decoration, arts and crafts, cosmetic storage, and more!
  • SEACOAST WARRANTY - Our products have been quality tested and backed by the Seacoast 1 Year Limited Warranty. These leak proof mason jar regular mouth units and canning jars supplies surpass quality standards, for a seal of ultimate safety.
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