Appliance Pros W10321304 Door Shelf Bin Compatible with Whirlpool Refrigerator - WPW10321304

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews Write a review


The Appliance Pros AP-W10321304 Door Shelf Retainer Bar is the well-suited replacement, to ensure you maximize your fridge door shelf space!

One good indicator for you to replace your freezer shelving or refrigerator bins and trays, is when the tabs detach, causing the bins to unravel. These make great substitute bins for shelves that show signs of usual wear and tear. It's quite easy to situate, so it makes a good door bottom replacement for your top and bottom refrigerators as well. Fits leading refrigerator brands and models in the market today!

Conduct a repair at the comfort of your own home today with convenience. It takes less than five minutes to situate to your fridge door. Which makes the experience a seamless, and hiccup-free operation.

Thus, you get to do more while, you spend less time figuring out how to put it together. Straight out of the box, this refrigerator door shelf allows you to keep multiple items in the bin. Further, you get to easily spot and identify which items are stored on each level as it has a transparent panel. The clear tray with a white frame bezel gives you the mobility of the door fridge. Thus, get to identify quality and freshness at a glance. Access items such as yogurt, medicine, baby food, canned fruits, and others with virtually no effort at all.

This product is compatible with the following parts:

W10321304, WPW10321304, AP6019471, 2171046, 2171047, 2179574, 2179575, 2179607, 2179607K, 2198449, 2198449K, 2304235, 2304235K, PS11752778, WPW10321304VP, B001TIWNAM, B008DJSQAQ, B00MWFSA6C, B00MWFSNQY, B008DJQXYC, B00NP5U2SW, B00M0CUZT2, B00M0CV3HA, B00M0CV6SQ, B00MWFSC42, B00M0CV2KS, B008DJQX6K, B0156NFBOK, B004XLEK3U, B00M0CV38E, B001EY0RGS, B00M0CV1N6, B00MWFSG2K, B00M0CV5IM, B00MWFSD2S, B004XLEBAM, B008DJSLV0, B008DJSMAA, B002ZNN462, B00GWK1420

Be cost-efficient with the Appliance Pros AP-W10321304 Refrigerator, Door Shelf Bin today!


  • DURABLE REFRIGERATOR SHELVING - The Appliance Pros Refrigerator Door Appliance Shelf is the one shelf to replace your old parts be it on the refrigerator door, or to replace a freezer door bin. It's the one refrigerator door bin shelf that's heavy-duty, fit to withstand multiple uses.
  • PREMIUM MADE FRIDGE SHELVING BINS - Made of high-quality plastic construction, that makes for a durable and heavy-duty shelf for refrigerator or freezer bins. This refrigerator door replacement racks can withstand sudden temperature changes, with longevity in mind.
  • CONVENIENT INSTALLATION -Install this shelves replacement as refrigerator door bins for shelf or freezer racks shelves, in two quick easy steps. First, make sure that the refrigerator door shelf is level, and set it on the clips. Fasten it with one click, and voila fridge bin door attached in seconds.
  • ULTIMATE COMPATIBILITY - It's the one refrigerator clear bins for shelf, made to be compatible with different leading refrigerator shelf models and parts in the market today. Thus, use it interchangeably with other refrigerator units that you own!
  • WARRANTY - Appliance Pros provide you with industry-leading, quality-tested parts, that surpass world-class standards. Which is a seal to ultimate safety. This refrigerator door shelf is backed by the Appliance Pros 1-year limited warranty.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews Write a review

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