Appliance Pros Refrigerator Door Parts AP-5304506471 Fridge Door Handle Replacement Part for 5304506471 and Major Brands and Models(Right Slope)Black

Bundle Quantity: 1

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It's not too much to handle, when you have an extra set of handles. Quite figuratively, and literally. At Appliance Pros, we believe in saving resources and creating effective solutions for us folks that depend on appliances that work in the day-to-day.

Our custom-fit, precision, quality-tested refrigerator replacement handles is ideal for those in need of an extra set of hands in the kitchen. Each handle lends a hand in terms of mobility, flexibility, and time management, so you get to access your fridge conveniently. Now, you know that whether it's a few minutes into your day, you're spending precious time wisely. You get to do more, when you manage your kitchen activities with ease.

Our durable parts are made for the long-term, so you no longer need to replace these parts time and again.

Whether it's individual parts or a bundle pack, you get to make the choice. Thus, have the flexibility to purchase a pair when you need more than a single refrigerator handle. So it saves you on resources, and costs.

What sets us apart, is that we know how important handedness really is. So product handle orientation matters to us, because we believe in inclusivity. Be it for a right or left handle, there's a piece crafted for you.

Further, all our parts come with with a quick and easy installation guide. Our parts latch easily, so just replace the screws and it takes five minutes to attach. It's a one-person job to get it done. So take matters into your own hands with an inexpensive repair, that you can do at the comfort of your own home today.

  • Please ensure that our part matches your particular make and model: 5304506469 (AP6036330) replaces 5304504507, 5304486359, 5304497105, 242059501, 242059504, 4456321, 5304510038, 5304510040.
  • With an Appliance Pros, achieve kitchen management and organization. It's a goal that's within your reach.

  • Specifications

  • COMPATIBILITY - Precision-cut refrigerator handles meet compression-fit design, it's time to cut those loose ends short. These fridge door handles are custom made to suit leading brands and models in the market.
  • PREMIUM REFRIGERATOR REPLACEMENT PARTS - This freezer door handle is an exact fit, and replaces the 5304506471. Made of high-quality, toxic-free materials, we ensure that our parts meet world-class standards.
  • EASY INSTALLATION - With this unique refrigerator door handle replacement, install it in seconds. Just swivel and latch in place, and replace the refrigerator handle screws, in one coherent movement. No pressure, even when you're pressed for time.
  • INDIVIDUAL PARTS, ECONOMIC PIECE - Our individual freezer handle replacement parts give you the choice to get what you require. Fulfill the universal need to be cost efficient, based on what's applicable for you.
  • WARRANTY- This fridge door handle in black has been quality tested and backed by the 1-year Appliance Pros Warranty.
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