Excelsior 250ml Washing Machine Cleaner And Deodorizer HE-250MLCLEANER

Bundle Quantity: 1

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WASHING MACHINE CLEANER: Excelsior eco-friendly machine cleaner naturally breaks down built-up soap residue without phosphates or harsh solvents to keep your high-efficiency washer running in top condition! 5 WASHES PER BOTTLE: Our biodegradable machine cleaner is designed and tested to work hard and last longer. Formulated for HE washers, just add 50 ml of solution to your machine for an effortless clean. SEPTIC SAFE, ENZYME BASED FORMULA: Vanquish tough residues and lingering odors with the power of enzymes. Natural, environmentally friendly, and septic safe, the enzyme formula actively breaks up odor causing films inside the HE washing machine. LEMON SCENTED AND DEODORIZING: The only lemon that won’t leave you sour! Our optimal high-efficiency machine cleaner will rid your washer of unwanted odors and leave a clean, lemony fresh scent behind. EXCELSIOR PROMISE: We offer the unique Love it/Adore it Guarantee! Don’t love it in 30 days, we give you your money back!

Any HE Washing Machine will remain brand new-looking and spotless clean with theExcelsior HE Washing Machine Cleaner and Deodorizer!

This 2-in1 liquid cleaner and deodorizer helps you eliminate residue and odor, all in one liquid bottle. Use this machine cleaner to keep your front load washing machine free of soap residue, so to keep your laundry spotless clean and fresh every single time. This lets you save money and effort, instead of getting 2 different bottles for cleaning and deodorizing your machine. Each include a 250ml bottle that's good for up to 5 cleanings of high-efficient washers. Just add a 50 ml solution to your HE machine for an effortless clean.

Environmental friendly enzymes activate the laundry machine cleaner and deodorizer. Which gives your HE laundry machine units a certain luster, and smelling good for the long term. Further, it helps prevent build-up of grime, oil, sweat, and dirt. So that means, the concentrated biodegradable formula does two jobs at once. First, keep it safe to use for you and the environment. Second, it helps lengthen the life-span of your washer. So get to hit two birds with one stone with it, while you maximize it's performance.

Other Features:

  • Suitable for most HE washing machines and washers.
  • Each pack includes:
  • 1 x 250ml bottle that's good for up to 5 washes for each bottle.
  • Excelsior offers an unsurpassed cleaning performance that leaves your laundry machine sparkling clean! Your ultimate cleaning and deodorizing buddy. Have a hassle-free, thorough cleaning of your washer when you get this HE machine cleaner and deodorizer today!


  • ULTIMATE CLEANER FOR WASHING MACHINE - The Excelsior laundry sanitizer is the best washing machine detergent. Use it on multiple front load washer units. Replaces sprays, bleach, pods, and wipes for a glisten and sheen to your machine.
  • PRISTINE CLEANING - Say goodbye to other washing machine cleaning products, because Excelsior's antibacterial cleaner and deodorizer is all you need. A capful is enough for a month worth of cleaning, while a 250ml bottle gives you 5 washes.
  • POWERFUL ENZYME FORMULA - An all natural formula and cleaner for washing machine units that has powerful enzymes, it's tough on mold, stain causing agents, and dirt. Leave your washing machine smelling lemon fresh with this sanitizer today.
  • BIODEGRADABLE AND ANTIBACTERIAL - Be it to use for cleaning, or to dispose of after use, have the peace of mind. It's biodegradable, and chemical free. So that means, it's safe for both humans and the environment too!
  • EXCELSIOR WARRANTY - This washing machine cleaner and laundry deodorizer is backed by the Excelsior 1 Year Limited Warranty. We put forward high end cleaning products, made with world class quality materials, which transcend industry standards.
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