Seacoast Clear Glass Bottle with Swing Top Stopper, 33.75 Oz Square

Bundle Quantity: 4

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Our Seacoast Swing Top Glass Bottles put forward high-quality and durable glass bottles, marked with elegance and class.

Our glass bottles are not just for storage of water, be it for use as fermenting bottles, or keeping a healthy supply, it's suitable for kombucha, wine, vinegar, teas, fruit juices, and even ice coffee. Our glass bottles come with polypropylene caps with stainless steel wire holders for superior corrosion resistance, longevity and durability. Each round, slender bottle gives you a steady grip, that is leverage to feel composed and ready for any dinner service, or meal preparation. It's quick and easy to maneuver: consists of lifting the bottle flip top bottle caps in one coherent movement, So you channel all your effort and energy towards getting your activities done. It also allows for easy filling, and pouring of your delicious beverages. Finally, use these as empty wine bottles, to keep leftover wine, champagne or any other alcoholic beverage fresh and tasteful.

33.75 ounces of capacity lets you store a variety of food items, decor, or even arts and crafts accessories. So now, save yourself a trip to the store, when you have a reliable supply made possible with these glass bottles with lids. The crystal clear bottles give you full transparency, to easily identify the contents, and amount within the bottles. Have a vantage point, when you have these in tow, as you have full visibility of what's within. Further, each comes with thick glass that makes for excellent resistance to temperature changes, and impact.

This includes:

  • 1 x 4 pc, 33.75 ounce Glass Bottles with Bottle Flip Top Caps
  • Seacoast is a Home & Kitchen brand and small business based in Hollywood, FL. We make durable glassware, heat resistant silicone utensils, and microwave safe plastics. We are committed to bringing a satisfying shopping experience to both our wholesale and retail customers alike.


  • GLASS BOTTLES WITH LIDS - Seacoast glass bottles come with airtight lids, so you keep your beverages fresh and contaminant-free. These airtight glass containers give you the leverage to prepare fresh cocktails, and spirits like a professional!
  • VERSATILE BOTTLES - Our pristine, crystal clear glass bottles, let you label, preserve, and ferment your liquids. Whether, you're pouring sparkling water, or fermenting kombucha, this is the one glass container bottle that's convenient to use.
  • 33.75 OUNCE CAPACITY - These empty bottles for drinks feature 33.75 oz of whopping capacity. Thus, it's great for bottle storage, which gives you ample room for condiments, spices, potpourri, beans, oats, lentils, flour, baking soda, and much more!
  • WITH RESEALABLE FLIP TOP LID - With our swing top bottles, you'll feel as if you're having dinner with a touch of sophistication. Fill drinking glasses with delicious beverages and pure tasting water, without straining a finger.
  • SEACOAST WARRANTY - With world class and finest materials, Seacoast puts forward swing top bottles that are quality-made, Each Seacoast glass bottle, is a testament to craftmanship, a premium product backed by the Seacoast 1-year limited warranty.
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